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Hi I’m Marieniel Colegio, 27 years old and I live here in the Philippines with my parents (Arnel and Ma. Teresa) and with my siblings. I’m the first child out of 5 siblings (Marilyn, Marlon, Mariel and Margie)

Most of the people think that I’m the breadwinner of the family but I guess I’m not, my parents just trained me to work hard and not to be a burden to others 😊

Back in 2007 during the youth camp, the new chapter of my life; I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendered Him my whole life, because I know that He is the one I needed the most. I believe He will heal my heart illness and He will never leave me.

All I want is to serve and follow God in all aspect that’s why I join the ministries in our church (Evangelical Fellowship of Vista Verde) like Sunday School ministry where I can teach children, Music ministry where I can show how God changed me and use my voice to give praises to Him, Outreach Ministry where I can reach and serve others with the love of God that I am experiencing right now, Youth Ministry where I can relate and share the works of God and Choir Ministry where I can minister the older ones and share how God is good to them 😊 All this ministries helped me a lot and showed me how blessed I am.

2014 Another chapter of my life, I graduated in ETCP (Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines) in AB Christian Education for 5 years with the helped of unknown people that God used. Jesus looked at them and said, “With men this is IMPOSSIBLE; but with God ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE” Matthew 19:26 (KJV) This verse is one of my favorite verses when I was in college and I claim it as my life verse because it’s reminded me to trust more of God in His plan in every up and down of my life. A year after, I Applied in CCS (Cuatro Christian School) where I had my internship (practical teaching) 2013.

2015 is my first year in teaching and I enjoyed teaching children’s in kindergarten. This year is also my first time to meet my new friend from other country. Like me they love kids and love sharing others. Until now God use me to show and share my talents and love to the little ones.

I’m kindergarten teacher in Cuatro Christian School for almost 6 years (2 years in Grade 1 and 4 years in kinder) and I never thought I will have this opportunity to teach children’s and shared all I have.

For me, kindergarten level is the best grade level to share the love of God and touch the heart of the little ones. In every day that I saw my students enjoying, exploring, learned new things and know more about God, my heart is over flowing in rejoicing and thanking God because He used me in their life.

And now NEW CHAPTER of my life with the helped and guide of Kid’s International Ministry Philippines, I’m part of the missionary teacher in CCS and I pray that God can also use me continually to teach other children in different places 😊

You want to know more of us? Come and Visit page :) God bless :)

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