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Sharing LOVE during Pandemic

At first I learned that Teaching modular in math subjects is really hard. It's stressful to see the returning modules with no answers and it's because most if not all of my students do not have the aid they need in order for them to answer my modules. My mind always wonder when will this adversity comes to an end and how will my student go through with it as it prolonged without the needed gadgets and facilities to make education easier for them .

However, my heart will always remember to be more kind and considerate with them. I asked my difficult students to come so that I can teach them personally so that no one will be left behind.

Lastly, hard as it may be, my hope is that this could be the time when kindness grows like a rare flower. It is the perfect season to see the love of God pour in and let others also experience the love of God through the ministry of being a teacher at Cuatro Christian School .

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