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I was frustrated lately on the fact that it's pandemic and I can't teach effectively to my students so I prayed and asked God to give me an encouragement and found the answer in a song sheet. The Lord lead me the song entitled "Make Me a Servant" the lyrics was:

Make me a servant humble and meek

Lord let me lift up those who are weak

and may the prayer of my heart always be

make me a servant, make me a servant today.

The word "MEEK" intrigues me its like the letters M-E-E-K are dancing on the song sheet so I search its meaning:

Easily imposed on; submissive

Antonyms: patient ; long suffering

Then it hit me on the face and strike me in the heart.I felt discouraged because I felt that God is so far away, not realizing He never left our side and found out I'm just not being submissive to His purpose. After that I prayed and told Him that I am sorry for not trusting Him and its true that when you are willing to exchange your weaknesses with God's season of pruning the process is not easy but its always worth it. Now, I felt so light even though we are on a distanced learning mode I know that the Lord is doing something great in my life and in the life of my students and Parents truly, this Pandemic will show us a glimpse of His light that will never fade.

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