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A Privileged One

Way back 2019, I was privileged to teach students in Junior High School with the subject "Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao" or in English, Values Education. I couldn't imagine finishing my college life without these students who really gave meaning to my internship days. I realized that being a teacher is not just imparting knowledge or information to the students, but what really matters most is for their hearts to be heard out. It was really an amazing experience for me because it takes a whole School Year to know them very well. I thought I will be the one who will make an impact on them, but God also teaches me through them by knowing their problems in life too. Yeah! That was a blast!

So right now, I do really miss teaching them. But God is still faithful and good that He knows everything that we don't. We should just trust Him in whatever or wherever places He will bring us. For sure, all of our hardworks will be rewarded in Heaven. :)

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