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A New School Year Gets Underway

Can you imagine… students so excited for the first day of the new school year that they are waiting outside the school gate at 6 a.m.! That’s a good sign!

Here are some of the ways God moved hearts to pitch in to help us start our new school year!

Getting school supplies can be a big expense for a family, but for Cuatro Christian School, it’s especially big. Our “family” this year is 309 elementary students and 147 high school students (456 in all)! Realizing that CCS lacked notebooks, church group Lester Memorial (Ala.) provided two to three notebooks for every student in the school. In addition, they brought white board markers for our teachers and other needed supplies. Thank you, Alabama team!

Friendships and new bags from Springboard Foundation – a great start to a new school year.

Curriculum funds for elementary and high school from International Baptist Church Hong Kong has added a spark for both the students and their teachers!

Sixty students gratefully gained relief from toothaches when local dentist Jacolyn teamed up with a World Racers parent to offer dental care this month.

Doctora Marian Aranas again this year provided a free medical consultation and exam for our CCS student athletes, a big savings for our school.

Visiting students from YCIS Beijing and YCIS Hong Kong and the Alan and Myra Sanford family gave our classrooms a welcoming, fresh coat of paint.

What a joy—a volunteer helps elementary students learning to read.

All of these add up to providing a great start to a new school year. Thank you to each one and also to those who give monthly to help pay our teachers. We could not do this without you! God bless you!

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Dec 01, 2020

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