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LUGAW is Essential!

In the midst of ECQ, we got a message from the community that there are families within the vicinity who don't have food to eat, just like what happened exactly last year during this


I was reminded of the story in Mark 6, Jesus feeds the five thousand, with this specific verse, “You feed them.” - Mark 6:37 NLT

“With what?” ~ disciples

With what you already have! L-U-G-A-W

As a response to that dilemma, we, under the Meals and Values and YouthLab Internship Program, have this radical action of giving lugaw to the people just outside the mission house. We served 3 kinds of lugaw (porridge) from Monday to Wednesday: lugaw with stripped chicken meat, lugaw with egg and our all-time favorite Champorado.

April 14th of this year (2021), the Interns started to prepare the lugaw at 5:30 a.m. in the morning and gave it out in a plastic bag at 6:00, just in time for breakfast. They also grabbed this opportunity to give out gospel tracks to people.

“He had compassion on them...” Mark 6:34

At first, the Interns were only staying and waiting in front of the ministry house, giving food to those who were passing by and buying in the market. But these youth began to have compassion on them. They knew the people had more than the need of a hungry stomach, which led them to move on their feet to share what they have and to show their love to the community.

They intentionally gave lugaw in different areas every day; house to house, sari-sari stores and even to the construction workers who were already up for work! Even the mothers in Hope Alive Clinic were having their lugaw every morning.

More than essential!

Lugaw is essential! This might be a very little thing to others but our ministry has been doing it since way back when Kids International started and it reaches out to more than five thousand people, not only men but household to household and generation to generation. Giving lugaw is more than putting comfort in their stomach but embracing them with love through this!

Loving Jesus and His people is more essential. It is the greatest commandment that moves us to do the great commission.

More than experience.

“At first, I’m a bit shy because they might not want to get some lugaw but when we decided to give intentionally, they accepted.” - Rhea Mae Merida

“I’m used to talking to people, that’s why I didn’t have a hard time giving it. What I’m so happy about giving lugaw was when I see the people smiling with joy.” - Vladimer Mallavo

"Lugaw-giving experience is so much overwhelming... there was a time they would ask more for their grandchildren... it's so good to see them happy receiving food (lugaw)." - Hannah Tabiado

Serving lugaw to the community is more than feeding the hungry, but what we are doing here is sowing seeds that will have a lasting impact for generations.

Up to this day, we are continuously giving lugaw in our community.

On a side note, safety protocol is implemented; having their masks on, alcohol at the side and washing up after they went outside.

Thank you so much for your support through financial giving and prayer. Without you, I would not be able to accomplish what God has called me to do. You are a huge part of this ministry as well.

Be looking for my next blog coming soon! I will be introducing our Interns to you that I’ve talked about so much in this blog. Thank you again for taking the time to read this blog!

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