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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

I remember attending a church 4 years ago, and you know how when you’re new to a church especially a big church the feelings that emerge, the feeling of being an outsider, or when the worship team starts and whole church is dancing and you just feel like everyone is watching you because you're a “first timer”. Maybe some of you reading this felt that way towards your home church when you were starting. Now i’m not saying that it’s the fault of the church or the leaders of the church, what i’m stating is a fact of life that when you are in a new place there is that certain feeling of “you don’t belong” and you can’t really fully control that feeling.

As I was clapping my hands and singing with the whole church and observing what people did during worship time, and when the music slowed down into a keyboard background, one of the leaders of the church went up on stage and welcomed everyone and while he was talking I noticed a statement that he said that just got me curious and stuck with me for 4 years before I really got to use it. The statement was “You Belong, before you Believe”. 4 years ago I didn’t really understand what it meant until now, and I praise God for that experience that just totally changed my perspective towards the cause of Jesus.