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36th.. Blissful November

November had passed just like that! I could not believe that Christmas is 2o days from now! Its my first month in KIDS and I can say that I have discovered a lot of potentials in me, conquered mountains and unearthed talents I thought I have lost long time ago. With that, I want to share my top three moments on my first month!

1. 36th and thriving!!!

Its been a yearly traditional for me to celebrate my birthday outside Manila. However, with the current pandemic globally, I have set my mind that this year will be the exemption to the rule. But truly, Papa know what is our innermost thought and heart’s desire. With Papa’s go signal me and my crew travelled to San Miguel Bulacan and spent three days to celebrate my birthday.

We trekked for more than an hour to reach this second falls.

Despite of the rain and sun alternately, we managed to reach this place. Thankyou for the tour guides who escorted me to walk on the muddy path. I look like a kid here hahahhaha

2. Mindoro Mission trip

We visited a school that supports Mangyan community for their education

Some of the kids who came to the feeding program. Say JESUS!

Isn't she lovely?

3. "Usapang Babae" Launching

First batch

Second batch of energetic teens!

Acoustic worship team

Let me end this by quoting Norman Denler's preaching title " Fear not, Trust God". Looking forward to a wild ride with Jesus this coming months! Jesus take me by the hand as I follow You.

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