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Do I deserve it?

I’m in the new season of my life. Do I deserve this new season? I really believe I do.

Since I surrendered my life to God I have desired to do the mercy ministry or feedings. My Wife and I are doing it here at Kids International Ministries which is amazing because that’s one of their Ministry’s. Every weekday we’re doing it in four different places and it’s awesome because we are able to talk to Kids and to show the love of God through story and feeding them.

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May 9 2021 One of the best Gifts from God was given to me! I Got married to a special, amazing, awesome, crazy, Gorgeous Woman of God. I got married to Sophie Leiper. My Wife is one of the best gifts from God. She accepts me, embraces me, and loves me no matter what my past is. I’m thinking “ Do I deserve her? “ Because I have filthy, dirty, trash past life. I don’t know but she always make me feel that I deserve her. But I think I wouldn’t have her If I don’t have God, if I didn’t surrender my life to God, and if I didn’t follow him. Because of God I have Her, Because of God we are one now.

It’s take a few weeks before we go to our honeymoon, and you know our honeymoon was amazing because we were able to go to boracay just to spend time together, I’ve experienced things that I never thought that I would be able to. You know I was wondering why others says that Honeymoon stage is only 2 years But I think it will be the rest of our life. One my friend says “ If you put Jesus Christ our Lord God and savior in your relationship your honeymoon stage is forever” so I think it’s true.

While everything is happened in my life I have a question in my mind about those things that God let me experience. “ Do I deserve it” I don’t know I feel like I don’t but I think I deserve it because It’s God let me experience it so I really believe that I deserve it!

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