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I have been working at Kids International Ministry as a teacher at Cuatro Christian School since 2015. I am teaching grade 3 and 4 since then. Its always been a blessing to be part of this ministry.

I used to lived in Lucena Quezon for 12 years. Works in an orphanage that took care of the kids as their care giver. This is also the way for me to go back to school when a visitor from Australia sponsored to go back to school. I was 28 years that time but I studied hard to finish school and graduate, took the licensure exam and passed. God's plan is really amazing in my life,

I am the eldest of five of a big beautiful family. Three of my siblings are married, both have 2 children each. I have 4 nephew and 2 nieces. My younger sister lived with me. Both my parents died almost 2 years ago.

Barbara Gonzaga

Barbara Gonzaga

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