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Hi! I'm Abby, serves at KIM for 3 years now. Working and serving the Lord and his people at the same time is a wonderful privilege that leads me to seek God more and to share his love, his faithfulness, and his gift of salvation. Tara! usap tayo :)

I came here December 2016 as one of the recipient pregnant mom in Adonai Program.

I started to think what can I do to help around and be productive everyday while I am here. I simply helped washing and drying dishes until one day I was asked if I can helped in the children's home worship team. I love singing, dancing and praising the Lord and I would really love to teach the kids what is the true worship and how to not to be shy singing for the Lord - so the Kids Worship Night came back into action.

After giving birth to my son, I thought I will be leaving this place alone and be alone again, but

God called me again and I heard his voice again... to seek him, to serve him here and he

showed me how to start a new life and not to be alone again.

Now, I am serving together with my co-workers and missionaries from different places. By God's grace and love we are altogether heading to our purpose to know God more in our personal lives and to share God's love, hope and salvation to many people. We would love you to experience our Filipino culture and enjoy the Philippines while serving, teaching, loving the communities.

I and my son Elijah are here in the YMC, serving the Lord 24/7. We are always available to welcome you in God's ministry with warmth, joy and will send you back home with love and prayers.

To God be all the glory, honor and the highest praise!

Abby Salicio

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