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Welcome To The New!

Hello, I am Arnold!

I am based and grew up in the Philippines. I have a big family. I have 8 siblings and are names all started with A’s. Arman, Arnold, Archie, Andrei, Alondra, Alexander, Ashley, Alexis, and


I love basketball! I love traveling! I love to talk! I love working with young people! I love working in the community!

I grew up in one of the communities near the ministry center. As I grew up, I started to get involved in the ministry such as going to school at Cuatro Christian School from 1st to 7th grade. Being at the school for 7 years helped to develop my character and see a different perspective on how I lived my life right now

How do I start and end up serving at the ministry?

Of course, the best answer that I have is was…. This is God’s Plan! Everything that is was happening to me was His plan. I don’t think I planned all these things and want all this to happen to me. Everything and wherever I am right now is because of His GREAT love!

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Back in 2000, I got into an accident where I fell into a staircase and hit my head straight to rebar. Which led me almost to death. I got head surgery and stayed at the hospital for almost two months. Went home for the recoveries. Recoveries are not that easy for me and led me to go to school late. At the age of 10, I started 1st grade at Cuatro Christian School. Being the oldest in my class does help to strived and continue my study. My age does not lead me to stop going to school until 7th grade. I have done my schooling from High school and 6months university course by God’s grace


(From there to here)

And that where I started being more involved in the ministry. From one of the students in the school. From one of the children who came to wait for the feeding and ate them. From one of the children who always present to attend the basketball clinic conducted by Kirk Long and some pro basketball players. From one of the children who always wait and fall in line to be in the pool every afternoon. From one of the children who loved meeting missionaries.

From those things, I see how God moved into my life and placed me where he wanted me to be. From one of the students, now I helped the school to be more impactful in the communities. From children who waited for the feeding, now I am part of the meals and value programs that provide manpower to help out to load and unload the food at the truck to distribute for the communities. From one of the kids who always present at the basketball clinic, now I am one of the heads of the sports coordinator in the ministry that conducts basketball clinics every summer for the local communities for free. From one of the kids who always waits outside for swimming, now I am bringing some community children to the ministry center for swimming. From loving meeting the missionaries, now I am one of the Kids International Ministry missionaries as a community development worker.

YES! I have heart for the community!

I have decided to say YES to the Lord because there are so many poor and underprivileged communities in my home country. I come from a poor community, and I am deeply passionate about building a better future for the young people in the community I come from, as well as surrounding communities. I want to be part of the transformation as a community development worker to help my country and my beloved Filipino countrymen. I say yes because I am passionate about developing a community, and I want to be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty that has a hold on so many people and communities.

I am a passionate Christian, and being one of the missionaries will help me with bringing the vision to share the gospel of Jesus with unreached people across the Philippines, something I am incredibly passionate about.

Upon getting on board at Kids International Ministry, I will begin community development projects and initiatives. There are so many poor and underprivileged communities here in the Philippines, contributing to a brutal cycle of poverty that traps so many people. I pray to apply what I have learned to help build these local communities and develop strategies and initiatives which give people a way out of poverty. The influence of my training that I have done will be a ripple effect; not only will I help train and teach people, but I will also equip those people to train and teach, even more, multiplying the influence of what I am taught in community development.

Ultimately, I believe saying YES to the Lord! Will help and provide me with access toward his vision ministries, which will it be able to return and give back to the community. The vision and strategies to better develop my community and surrounding communities. I truly believe that countless lives will be changed because of saying YES to the Lord callings. While it may not open me up to great monetary gains, I will be helping to impact a multitude of lives for good toward God’s intentions.

Things Can Change.

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