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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

When I was unbeliever Im not thankful and grateful in life, I don’t appreciate the small things and big things. I don’t appreciate friends, I don’t appreciate what we have on the table, I don’t appreciate people, I don’t appreciate problem, struggles, challenges, and of course my life. BUT you know when GOD came into my life and change me glory to glory I realise that there's a lot of things and situations that I need to be thankful and grateful in my life.

I HAVE A QUESTION TO MYSELF, WHAT AM I THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR? I have a lot but I will do my best to make it short as much as I can but I think I cannot because Im so excited to share everything! HAHAHAHA

I’m so thankful because my mama and papa raised me the way they want and I’m grateful for that because I learn in life, they may not perfect but I praise God because He used them for me to be in this world and to write this letter. I’m so thankful for my growing up life because I experienced playing outside, meeting friends, staying outside at night just listening to stories of life with laughter. I’m thankful because I’m still alive even though I destroy my body using vices, you know its sad to choose bad choices in life because you will regret at the end, but I praise God for giving me second chance. I’m grateful for that because you know those bad choice become a testimony for the Glory of God. I’m so thankful for my childhood friends, classmates, teachers, because to all of you my childhood is fun and amazing.

Im thankful because I meet new international friends ( I know that you know that you are one of them if we met ) here in my home Philippines I never expect that I will speak english in my life HAHAHA I’m grateful for our friendship because theres people encouraged me and pray for me, I LOVE YOU! :) Im thankful because Im in KIM ( Kids International Ministry ) I’m so blessed because God put me here to serve and make him known, Im grateful because Im doing mercy ministry ( Feeding ), and Leading YOUTHLAB KIDS with my Fiancee.

Speaking of Fiancee, yeah its true I’m engaged with a Woman of God from Australia. By the way her name is gorgeous Sophie Leiper. Im thankful for her because she loves me, encourages me, listens to me, helps me, supports me, and especially accepts me even though my past life is not good but still she accept not because of my past life but because God changed me! Im so grateful for her life because she’s obedient, loving, caring and beautiful inside out. I’m thankful for every person who has walked with me this past year, supporting me through prayer and financially.

I’m thankful because I have family, friends, shelter, food, shoes, clothes, life, and of course God. My life is nothing without GOD. I’m so grateful and blessed because I have God who loves me so much more than anyone can give, He’s unfailing Love is the most love that you can find in this world. Showing Gods love for you and for me by sending His Son JESUS CHRIST that he died to pay for our debt just to show how he desperately loved us.

Thank you so much for reading and spending time, I really appreciate it and hopefully you’ve been blessed!

I want to say that know matter what happens, know matter how hard life is, know matter what the world says. Always remember to keep going, move forward and believe that there's always have a hope in JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD. HE LOVES YOU! HE CARES FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU BUT JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH!


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Thank you so much!

May the Lord bless you!

Glory belongs to God alone!

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