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I’m Arman Metante 23 years old. Be blessed. Before I came to the Lord I was a Man feeling neglected and trying to find Love and Attention from my family but I didn’t find it. I started to find love and satisfaction to other things, I thought that I would find it in vices so I started to do those things ( Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, fornicate, homosexual and such and such ) I don’t wanna point out how measurable my Life before.

2018 was when I encountered God, when I accepted Him into my life as My Lord and Savior. When I came to know the Lord in 2018 I was studying 6 months in YWAM ( Youth with a mission ) So through Discipleship Training School in YWAM I got to know God and I understood that He died for me to pay for my sin and to show me that He Loves me more than I know. That’s when I started to become Gods servant✝️

Before Covid started, I studied again in YWAM called School of Evangelism, so on my journey on that school, my eyes really became open about being a Goer/Missionary and to have a heart in Mission and to reach the unreached and seek the lost. Before that school end I’m praying what my next step is so I prayed and prayed until I get the answer. So God allowed me to volunteer to another organization and it’s called VBS ( Vocational Bible School ) and suddenly covid started and everything changed so I didn’t go to VBS.

But I volunteered at KIDS ( Kids international Ministry ) which was one of my prayers also during that time. God led me where I am right now. When Covid started I volunteered at KIM, many things happened and then I become an Intern ( Another program at KIM ). Now I’m one of the Missionaries at KIM.Yehey! ✝️🎉

God will put us to the place of our life that we don’t know what’s happening and we don’t know what to do. But God knows and He’s doing something that we cannot see. God is in Control!

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