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Being in a so-called “perfect” family is rare these days as several issues have emerged within the basic unit of the community which God created for the benefit of man. An essential factor in keeping a happy and peaceful family is having a complete one first, composed of one man, his spouse, and their children whether biological or adopted. The members of the family must then live up with biblical principles which involve commitment to their faith and holding it together amid the current challenges the community and culture are facing. Such challenges within the family have greatly affected the relationship of each members, as well as their Christian faith as some have committed acts defying the biblical teachings, including infidelity which leads to separation; abuse whether physical, emotional, and even sexual within members of the family; and other threats to the family members’ commitment to Christ and the scriptural values. With the rising number of families facing such challenges, the restoration of Christian faith and the constant reminder of God’s love and grace as well as His teachings play a vital role in order to save the union of the spouses, and to give their children the foundation of a happy and meaningful life. Such guidance is what I intend to do, evangelize and disciple the families in the community, facilitate family camps, and couples retreat, conduct counseling and provide the needed support for families dealing with issues that have been taking a toll on their relationship individually and as a whole. Whatever challenges individuals or a group of people such as families might be facing, the only guaranteed and most effective solution is having a true and steadfast relationship with Christ as one’s Lord and Savior and to live a pure and meaningful Christian life.

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Dec 12, 2020

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