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Growing in Character

Bracelets are all the rage—friendship bracelets, gospel bracelets, rubber wrist bands. NFFCH is using this popular item to encourage positive behavior in our children. And it’s working!

The staff began using the bracelets to train the children to consistently keep a good attitude. Each child is given a behavior band bracelet. When a child receives three strikes for bad behavior, they lose the bracelet and ultimately lose privileges. The child can earn back the bracelet through good attitudes and behavior.

A recent volunteer who has visited the Children’s Home on many occasions provided positive feedback regarding the behavior modification effort. She noted that the kids were seeking to be kinder and more patient. She even noticed improvement in the habit of washing hands before mealtimes and of waiting to eat altogether as a family. These good manners play a role in the character formation of the children.

In addition, Saturday morning has become a time for learning about developing good character and for doing family general cleaning around the home. As everyone pitches in to keep the home clean, they begin to understand the importance of teamwork and accountability. 

NFFCH staff have also been able to continue their education. The Children's Home director, Dess Camitan, recently attended a three-day workshop on independent living programs and the staff learned more about understanding and managing the impact of trauma on behavior. 

A team of volunteers from Alabama recently took the children on an exploration day of Ocean Park. The team provided new shoes for each child and even some lunch boxes for the children heading back to school. Our volunteers make a huge difference here at the Children’s Home, and we can’t express enough gratitude for them.

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