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Jeralyn's story. Made by God, made for God.

"When I was young I felt unwanted, unimportant."

My biological mother surrendered me and my three younger siblings to an orphanage. at the age of 15, I started seeking God, and reading my Bible. My perspective begun to change when I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I surrendered my emotions to God, I wanted Him to heal me at the same time help me to forgive my mother.

The Lord lovingly revealed to me that He did not abandoned me. He rescued me. What meant to discourage and question God's love towards me, He turned it for good. He let me realize how good and beautiful His plans are for me. I had a happy childhood at the orphanage with my siblings. I can't imagine where would I be when I am not put in the orphanage. Maybe I am starving, I will not have the opportunity to go to school or maybe I am a teenage mom with no support and guidance from my parents. I am convinced that I was placed at New Faith Family Children's Home Foundation for my protection. Lord has a plan and purpose for my life.


I can relate to the story of Joseph in the Bible where he experienced pain, suffering, and unfair treatment but the Lord used those experiences to equip him for greater purpose. He became a great leader, he helped and rescued his family and his people. God protected and preserved me like Joseph. I will depend on God, I will use my life to honor, serve and give glory to Him. The Lord encourages me through His word whenever I am reminded that I am an accident and I am unwanted.

God made me, He knows I exist, He formed me.

Today, I believe that I am loved, blessed, and worth it, I am special. God has a purpose in my life.

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