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1.3 Million eggs!

4500 Eggs per week --- Count the eggs!

Every Saturday, early in the morning, a truck comes to the gate and unloads 4500 eggs. This has been happening at Kids International Ministries for years and years. As I do a quick calculation that means that the ministry has been given 1.3 Million eggs over the last 7 years. It is hard to even fathom that number of eggs. It is even harder to quantify the impact those eggs have had on our kids at the school where the are used on a daily basis as part of our free lunch program. Or the impact on the moms at Hope Alive Clinic who get eggs each week to give them much needed protein for the developing baby inside of them. Or how about the eggs that have been used on the feedings where malnourished children have been fed. I could go on and on: our children's home, Consider the Lily (home for girls) or Children's Garden (home for boys) or sent to Tondo (the poorest area of manila)... The list is endless.

Watch the story about a local Filipino business man who, by being faithful to God, has made such an impact on so many.

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