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“My favourite part of my missions trip whilst at KIDS was when my team were taken to a tribe community. Whilst leading a feeding we found a little boy who was in extreme pain. He had hurt his hip/leg and was lying down, he could not move and showed no emotion.  My team and I laid our hands over him and prayed for complete healing. It was an absolutely incredible experience to pray for a boy who did not know God, who didn’t have money for medical treatment and had very little hope left. I was absolutely heartbroken, but we trusted God in this and felt that this young boy would be completely restored to full health. A few weeks after returning home, my team received a message from one of the ladies in the Philippines that came to the tribe feeding with us. She sent us a photo of the boy, standing up with a big grin on his face, completely  healed and asking when the Australians would be coming back. I was in absolute awe but also knew this was completely God!  An incredible experience that I would have only had if KIM took us to this tribe. It was amazing and I cannot wait to go back to KIM and to see the boy again.” 

Sophie Leiper / Church Group / 2015  

"As a part of my career, I came to KIDS to do a field study.  Based on a global health perspective, there are several factors that play a part in an individual's existence. As a nurse and as a career advocate, hopefully, researchers in global health, KIDS was a place where you could observe a lot, especially because it has a religious focus. And then the question was from my part. How does religion contribute to equality in health?  Ultimately the purpose of my time at KIDS was to observe how the Philippines worked preventively to counter mental illness and to what extent religious belief has an effect on the individual."  

Alejandra was joined by two other women that were a part of the study she described as they served alongside local midwives, observed and offered aid specifically in the Hope Alive Clinic, and went on feedings always ready to care for wounds they saw as they scooped porridge.  Alejandra has since visited the YMC again with her husband and has plans to return in June of 2018!

Alejandra Fischer / Group of Nurses Running a Research Study / 2017 



Meeting the most basic and critical needs of men, women, and children

At KIDS, every day we enter communities with the trunks of our cars filled with one to two plastic storage bins full of porridge that our cooks make every morning and afternoon for the feedings.  The front of the car always has at least one medical box full of things from band-aids to burn treatment equipment to supplies for stitching open wounds and so on.  With our cars full of ways to not only feed families, but to love them through meeting their medical needs as well.  


There are many ways that you can be a part of going out into our neighboring villages & offer medical attention from simple things such as cleaning and bandaging wounds to more complex forms of aid to those in need of your help.    

One way to serve us within medical missions is to donate medical supplies to either of our two campuses to store in order to use as we go out on feedings and run into people with evident need of wound care. 


While Kids International Ministries does not have nurses or doctors employed, something we love to do is partner with people in their dreams and make things happen for our volunteers.  We can do that by reaching out to our partner ministries that focus more directly on things of medical nature or you can always bring a group with a medical skill set and love our communities the way you know best! 

Meeting our community's physical needs in order to meet their spiritual needs.


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