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It was busy at our house

It is not unusual for us to have some kids over at our house. It seems to come in waves, and this week was one such wave. Four separate days and 6 different times this week...

On Monday, Qian had a friend come over after Youth group. They were able to finish some homework and hang out. She spent the night and then back to school on Tuesday.

Wednesday was Halloween and was the last day of school for the week. It was Karis' turn for a friend to come over. They watched a couple of movies including, The Shining.

Saturday was a banner day of hosting. Beyond CCS students (16 in total) were invited for lunch, praise, prayer and allowance giving. Ellen's menu included inihaw isda (grilled fish), talong (roasted eggplant) and inihaw baboy (marinated, grilled pork). Of course rice was cooked...3.5 kilos...about 7.5 pounds (uncooked). It was a feast. Later that afternoon we had another one of our girl's friend over for a few hours. It was a full day.

On Sunday, Ellen made good on a promise to one of the children at New Faith Family Children's Home. Qian and Ellen took her to the local mall for some pampering and then to our house for Jenga and Chow King takeout. As she was returning her to NFFCH, Ellen came across four grade 9 students, out in the community. They asked to come over to break the monotony of the neighborhood. They were entertained with selfies, Jenga, and chocolate overload cake. It was wonderful hearing them talk, giggle and scream while playing.

Well, we survived the tide of the week. Though it was busy, we look forward to the next time of sharing our home.

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