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For this reason... (The Power of Volunteerism)

I once asked myself, is there hope for my country? Don't get me wrong, the Philippines is such a beautiful country and its people are the best in the world, but the fact remains that we're classified as third-world. This enigma has crept into our system and mindset since. Growing up, many of our textbooks indicated our societal condition as such. I hope this changes soon. Now that I'm nearing my season, this fact hasn't changed still. I don't know why. I do not intend to offer a solution because I'm unqualified, but the ordeal gets heavier and I get to witness it in every community engagement. I thought hunger is just a political ad flying every election season but it's REAL. Both are true in the provinces and the highly urbanized citadels of Manila.

FOR THIS REASON... Kids International is committed to exert all effort in extending food and relief to the needy and we continue to endeavor even in the scarcity of funds believing that when there is a vision, there is provision. We depend on the Almighty for this matter.

FOR THIS REASON... I am dutifully honoring the indomitable spirit of our volunteers from the kitchen staff, the loaders, drivers, and community leaders, not to mention the behind the scene setters (people). I do not want to forget our unsung heroes, many of them do not want to be noticed. We salute our brave donors despite financial challenges in the pandemic, who are still braving partnering with and sacrificing for us to enact our mission.

To our donors and volunteers, we honor you all!

"... when you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you were doing it to Me.", the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40.

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