Serving others makes us feel good.  You know it, which is why you are looking at this trip.  Come and help others and it will change you forever.  


Are you interested in doing something that has signifcance.  Something that really makes a difference in other people.  Come and serve with us and you will find out that the single biggest thing you can do to make yourself feel great is to take time to invest in others.  It is how we are made.  Read to our 2nd graders, feed some hungry children, help with medical needs in the community.  Each one of these will not only make a difference in the community around us...  but it will also change you.  Come and be changed!


NOTE: We also have many other types of trips available.

Medical Missions

Spring Break Trip (US)

Teacher Mission Trip

Schoolies Trip (Australia)

Sports Ministry Trip

Family mission trip

We help make serving others easy!

Your job is to get here...   

our job is everything else.




Check out your options

You don't just have to do one thing.  Try everything!


Although you may choose to spend much of your time at the pregnancy clinic or on the feedings or in the school, there are so many different opportunities that you can get involved with.  Click on the options below and see more details about each area of minsitry.


Join our crew for projects like mixing concrete, plastering, painting walls, weeding gardens, and general maintenance. This is an incredible way to practically meet people's needs.

Help with construction

Pregnancy Clinic

Join our team to help with checkups both pre and post birth. Help distribute vitamins, check heart rates, and connect with these mothers. You may also get the chance to assist in some deliveries. HOPE ALIVE CLINIC

Volunteer at the pregnancy clinic


Join our team as we head out each day to different communities with a hot mixture of rice and protein called "lugaw." Play with kids, have lots of fun, and capture some amazing photos.

Feedings in poor communities

Sports Ministry

Connect with locals through sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Where language can be an issue, sport always helps to provide connection and smiles. SPORTS MINISTRY

Use sports to connect with KIDS

Our School

Build relationships with school students through sports, bible studies, or maybe even helping to teach some classes!

Volunteer at Cuatro Christian School

Medical Outreach

Help us as we meet basic medical needs in local communities; wound care, infection treatment and other regular problems.

Give basic medical assistance

Children's Home

Head to our Children's Home and spend time playing basketball, teaching maths, or playing on the playground. Provide love and connection for our kids.

Help at the Children's Home



Choose location and understand costs


Choose location

Understand Costs

"Most international trips I looked at cost at minimum $1000 (USD) or more for a 10 day trip.  I was trilled to find out a trip to KIDS was a little over $500 for a 10 day trip... And it included everything.  Food, airport pickup, A/C room."  -  Volunteer

1 - 30 days

Individual rate / night

$55 USD 

Family rate / night

$90 USD / Room plus

$10 USD / person

More than 30 days

Individual rate / night

$40 USD 

Family rate / night

$60 USD / Room plus

$5 USD / person

Intern program - 6 Months to 2 Years

Have you ever wanted to understand what it would be like to live and serve others long term?  We have a intern program for you!  Cost to you?  Work hard and bring a willing and teachable servants heart.  Price?  FREE!  Not kidding.  If you qualify for this program, your lodging and food are provided at no cost.  

If interested in applying to see if you can be a part of this intern program, please simply use the form below and ask for an application and get scheduled for an interview.




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ICS HK(20) - Jan 2020

Megan Richards(1) - Apr 2020

John Jackson and friends(7) - Mar 2020

Hope Academy(32) - Dec 2020

Jackson Family(4) - Dec 2021

FBC Jacksonville(6) - Jun 2020

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Now what?  Almost done!  Pack your bags!

Once we have confirmed your stay and that we have space for you to stay, you are ready to book your ticket!  That easy!  You give us your flight info and we pick you up at the airport.
We will respond by e-mail withing 24-48 business hours (usually quicker) to your e-mail due to time zone (the person responding may be in the Philippines, the US or in another country).  
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THANK YOU!  We are looking forward to meeting you in Manila or Tacloban soon!