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Serving others makes us feel good.  You know it, which is why you are looking at this trip.  Come and help others and it will change you forever.  


Are you interested in doing something that has signifcance.  Something that really makes a difference in other people.  Come and serve with us and you will find out that the single biggest thing you can do to make yourself feel great is to take time to invest in others.  It is how we are made.  Read to our 2nd graders, feed some hungry children, help with medical needs in the community.  Each one of these will not only make a difference in the community around us...  but it will also change you.  Come and be changed!


NOTE: We also have many other types of trips available.

Medical Missions

Spring Break Trip (US)

Teacher Mission Trip

Schoolies Trip (Australia)

Sports Ministry Trip

Family mission trip

We help make serving others easy!

Your job is to get here...   

our job is everything else.




Check out your options

You don't just have to do one thing.  Try everything!


Although you may choose to spend much of your time at the pregnancy clinic or on the feedings or in the school, there are so many different opportunities that you can get involved with.  Click on the options below and see more details about each area of minsitry.


Join our crew for projects like mixing concrete, plastering, painting walls, weeding gardens, and general maintenance. This is an incredible way to practically meet people's needs.

Help with construction

Pregnancy Clinic

Join our team to help with checkups both pre and post birth. Help distribute vitamins, check heart rates, and connect with these mothers. You may also get the chance to assist in some deliveries. HOPE ALIVE CLINIC

Volunteer at the pregnancy clinic


Join our team as we head out each day to different communities with a hot mixture of rice and protein called "lugaw." Play with kids, have lots of fun, and capture some amazing photos.

Feedings in poor communities

Sports Ministry

Connect with locals through sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Where language can be an issue, sport always helps to provide connection and smiles. SPORTS MINISTRY

Use sports to connect with KIDS

Our School

Build relationships with school students through sports, bible studies, or maybe even helping to teach some classes!

Volunteer at Cuatro Christian School

Medical Outreach

Help us as we meet basic medical needs in local communities; wound care, infection treatment and other regular problems.

Give basic medical assistance

Children's Home

Head to our Children's Home and spend time playing basketball, teaching maths, or playing on the playground. Provide love and connection for our kids.

Help at the Children's Home



See the location and understand costs


Understand Costs

"Most international trips I looked at cost at minimum $1000 (USD) or more for a 10 day trip.  I was trilled to find out a trip to KIDS was a little over $500 for a 10 day trip... And it included everything.  Food, airport pickup, A/C room."  -  Volunteer

1 - 30 days

Individual rate / night

$45 USD 

Family rate / night

$100 USD / Room plus

More than 30 days

Individual rate / night

$30 USD 

Family rate / night

$60 USD / Room plus

Intern program - 6 Months to 1 Year

Have you ever wanted to understand what it would be like to live and serve others long term?  We have a intern program for you!  Cost to you?  Work hard and bring a willing and teachable servants heart.  Price?  FREE!  Not kidding.  If you qualify for this program, your lodging free (The only thing you need to pay for is food - $10 per day).  

If interested in applying to see if you can be a part of this intern program, please simply use the form below and ask for an application and get scheduled for an interview.



More question?  Check out the FAQ

(FAQ = Frequently asked questions)

  • How do I book my stay at either of the two Kids International Ministry campuses?
    Fill out the questionare below and we will contact you by e-mail to finalize your reservation and answer any questions you may have. You can also e-mail with any other questions or concerns.
  • What is the difference between the Manila campus and the Tacloban campus?
    Both campuses are a great (but different) experience. Tacloban is a simple island with a beach in walking distance. Manila is a city bursting with diversity and excitement. Some people go to both!
  • What kinds of people can come to serve?
    As shown on the Volunteer page, anyone is welcome to serve here at KIDS. You can come with children, a large or a small group, alone, with missional experience or not, young or old, Christian or non-Christian! Any and all are welcome just the same!.
  • When is the best time to come and serve?
    Any time is a good time. We operate all year round with our ministries. The exception would be if there are specific opportunities you want to be involved in. Example: If you are a teacher and want be involved at CCS, you will want to make sure you are coming when class is in session and coordinate with the school to see if there is an opportunity to help. If there are specific service opportunities you would like to be involved with please e-mail
  • What is included in my stay with Kids International Ministries?
    Commodities that you should expect include: When you stay with us at KIDS, your trip will include: transportation to and from the airport upon arrival and departure, as well as transportation you will take to any of our feedings, lodging expenses, 3 meals a day, along with running water and airconditioned rooms (AND let's not forget you'll be getting forever family and friendship which is priceless)!
  • How do I know what ministry/ministries would be best for me?
    Deciding what area of ministry you want to serve in can be a bit overwhelming at first. We suggest you look at your passions and God given talents to give you a good hint as to where you will be most useful and what area YOU will enjoy the most. You may come and know right away where you want to serve or you may come and try out all the opportunities we have. Both ways are perfectly fine with us! We are here to help you plug in and have an amazing trip.
  • What kind of food will I be eating?
    Our kitchen are full of incredible local women that prepare 3 meals a day for our guests! These women prepare all types of food. - Breakfast will consist of anything from chocolate chip pancakes and orange slices to french toast and bananas! All fruit is bought fresh the morning of from fruit stands right across our front gate. - Lunch typically has more of an authentic feel, consisting of different Filipino stews and soups always accompanied by rice and a delicious dessert. - Similar to breakfast, dinner is more on the traditional American side with anything from spaghetti, to chili, and everything in between. We are also capable of accommodating any allergies, intolerances and/or special diets, just let us know.
  • What should I pack?
    Things to keep in mind as you're packing: the Philippines consists of two seasons: dry and rainy. From late November to May is the dry season, leaving June to October as our rainy season. Also, with the Philippines being an island, it is naturally more hot and humid much like summer time year round! Let's talk clothes: Pack clothes you're comfortable in. We suggest you bring clothes that are easily breathable so that you're less hot (but let's be real, sweat is inevitable around here!). Many bring tshirts and shorts for ministry days along with a couple nicer artiles if you want to eat out one night or dress up just a bit for a church service. We also recommend that you bring a pair of shoes made for walking and playing, whether it be sneakers or sandals. You'll be moving a lot around here, so pack with that in mind! Let's talk others: Can't leave without those basic toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, etc., but hey! Don't you worry if you forget anything, there are plenty of stores around that sell any basic necessities you can think of. We also encourage our guests to bring a camera to snap some pictures and videos of your once-in-a-lifetime moments too; there's beauty and joy at every corner just waiting to be captured!
  • What would transportation to and from the airport look like?
    We will be waiting at the airport to pick you up and generally will have a sign with your name on it. The trip to the ministry center really depends on traffic and may take as little as 45 minutes or as long as 3 hours. Arriving or leaving on Sunday will make your trip to the airport very short as there is not much traffic. What time of the day and day of the week should I arrive and leave? There are a few considerations here: Day of the week. Sunday is an off day at the ministry center and Saturday is low key. Arriving on a Friday or Saturday will mean that there will not be much to do for the weekend. This is good for some people to recover from jetlag, but others like to hit the ground running and jump right in. Time of day to arrive. Arriving very early (6am) can be nice because you can get to the ministry center and get an orientation and get involved in a few things the first day you arrive. If you arrive any time after 10am, you will likely not get to the ministry center in time to actually do anything your first day on the ground. Again – each person or group is different and some may want to come early and do things day 1, others would rather start activities after a nights sleep. Time of day to leave. Early morning is nice because of lack of traffic but remember – if you flight leaves at 6am you would need to leave the ministry center at 2:30am to make sure you have enough time at the airport. Leaving at noon means that you could grab breakfast at 6:30 and leave the ministry center at 7 to get to the airport. A very late night flight (10 or 11PM) can mean you get a full day of ministry and then leave after dinner to go to the airport.
  • Do you suggest any airlines for my flight to and from the Philippines?
    Any airline is fine. Important : You will need to give the flight number and airline you are on for us to coordinate pickup and so that we can track the flight and be there when it lands (sometimes flights are early or delayed). Also – we need to know what terminal you land at so we are at the right place for pickup.
  • Can I bring my children?
    Yes! Kids International Ministries is completely child friendly! We love it when families come to serve with us. We value children and recognize that they hold the future of the world in their hands, minds, and hearts, so we love few things more than being a small part of introducing serving others into their lives at a young age. As for what it would look like for you to come with children, we have local women who are nanny's, also known as "Nanays," who you can hire for a couple of days, a week, or however long your stay lasts with us! It is an incredible opportunitiy to support our community by providing a source of income for these women while also giving you the opportunity to volunteer without worrying about the safety of your little one 24/7.
  • What can my children do at Kids?
    If you have children that are willing and capable of doing ministry alongside you, we encourage that! It's incredibly sweet to see families love people and places together. We've seen first hand the way that it benifits everyone involved. It really is a beautiful thing to see family unity in service. We do understand though, that it can be quite challenging for younger children to help out at any of the different ministries we offer, so we have entrusted women in the community that will babysit your children for a reasonable amount, as you go out and do ministry for the day! Read more about this goodness under "Can I bring my children."
  • Safety concerns?
    Manila and Tacloban are generally very safe place to visits. Many of the communities you will work in are very poor so general precautions will need to be taken but the risk is really a matter of someone pick-pocketing or stealing your bag. Most of the concern we hear about when people come is in areas that are in the far south of the Philippines and do not affect Manila or Tacloban.
  • What kinds of adventures can I go on while in the Philippines?
    The Philippines is known for its natural beauty from its mountains to sandy shores and blue waves. With this being said, there are many adventurous activities to do in the Philippines! This answer will fluctuate depending on which campus you end up serving at. As for Manila, if you’re interested in taking a day trip, the closest beach is approximately 3 hours away. Closer to home, there are plenty of beautiful waterfalls, hikes, and outdoor activities to participate in, as well as the Pinto Art Museum and different indoor and outdoor malls and markets such as the TayTay and Green Hills market! There is also Taal Volcano where you can boat out to an island where you can either hike or horseback ride up the Volcano that is now full of bright blue water. On the other hand, Tacloban is much closer to beaches. There are many hikes, wild views, musuems, and delicious foods just like if you're staying in Manila, only unique to Tacloban. Overall there is tons to do in the Philippines! Who knows, you may just get sucked into street karaoke with the locals, and that’s fun in itself!
  • What to know about Filipino culture?
    Facts and Statistics: - Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, east of Vietnam - Capital: Manila - Population: 86,241,697 (July 2004 est.) - Ethnic Make-up: Christian Malay 91.5%, Muslim Malay 4%, Chinese 1.5%, other 3% - Religions: Roman Catholic 83%, Protestant 9%, Muslim 5%, Buddhist and other 3% Languages in the Philippines: - Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines. In spite of being the national language, only about 55% of Filipinos speak the language. In addition to Tagalog, there are about 111 distinct indigenous languages and dialects. ​ - English is generally used for educational, governmental, and commercial purposes and is widely understood since it is the medium of instruction in schools. The Philippines is the third largest group of English speaking people in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom. ​ - Since English is widely spoken in the Philippines, it is common to hear Filipinos use a mixture of English and Filipino words or phrases, known as "Taglish," in their everyday conversations. ​ Filipino Society & Culture: 1. Filipino Family Values: The family is the center of the social structure and includes the nuclear family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and honorary relations such as godparents, sponsors and close family friends. People get strength and stability from their family. ​ 2. Hospitality: Filipinos are very hospitable. They will invite their visitors to come into their homes and offer them treats such as snacks and drinks after a long journey. There are also instances when Filipinos will serve only the best to their visitors even if at times they may not be able to afford it. They also go the extremes as to give up the comfort of their own bedrooms for their guests and to the point of sleeping on floor just to ensure that their guests are comfortable. 3. Gratitude: Gratitude or “utang na loob” (ew-tong na law-obe) is a very popular Filipino characteristic. One does not forget the good deeds that others may have done to him or her especially at times of great need. This debt of gratitude are sometimes abused by those who have done well to others as they may ask favors or things that may either be unreasonable or beyond the means of the one in debt. ​ 4. Hiya - Filipino Concept of Shame: Hiya is a concept similar to shame and is a motivating factor behind nearly all behavior. It is a sense of social propriety and conforming to societal norms of behavior. Filipinos believe they must live up to the accepted standards of behavior and if they fail to do so they bring shame not only upon themselves, but also upon their family. One indication of this might be a willingness to spend more than they can afford on a party rather than be shamed by their economic circumstances. If someone is publicly embarrassed, criticized or does not live up to expectations, they feel shame and lose self-esteem. ​ 5. Time: Time means nothing in the Philippines. For various reasons (most of which are related to Hiya), specific timed appointments are generally considered irrelevant. This, in large part is the basis for the generally relaxed, go with the flow mentality throughout the country. If you're still interested and want to know more, we encourage you to do your own research, but the best way to learn more about this nation is to come here and see it for yourself!
  • How long should I stay?
    This depends on where you are traveling from and the cost of the tickets to get here. We have people who come from Hong Kong and spend 3 or 4 days at the ministry center. The flights are cheap and they have no jetlag. Generally most of these people on this short of a trip wish they stayed longer – We would recommend at least 5 days of ministry (see section on when to arrive and leave to maximize ministry time) If you are traveling from the US or Canada and will be having jetlag, you can count on the first day or 2 to adjust. This means that someone coming for 5 to 7 days will generally feel that they did not get enough time on the ground. We recommend a trip of 10 or more days (see section on when to arrive and leave to maximize ministry time). We also have people who stay for 3 weeks or even 3 months. This allows for really plugging in to different ministries and building relationships. Days don’t have to be filled all the time and allows for trips and mini vacations. Travel to a beach, go to a volcano, go to a mall, experience different Church services, spend time alone with God. In addition, one of the things people really love when they stay for a while at the YMC is relationships with others who come and serve. Drinking coffee on the area overlooking the pool and learning about other people from all over the world. These relationship usually continue even after leaving the ministry center. Nothing brings people closer to each other than serving food to the poor together. Bottom line – stay as long as you are able and we will try to make your trip worth it!



Ready to book?  More questions?

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Our volunteer coordinators will reach out to you soon in e-mail.  If you have additional questions, feel free to e-mail and the team will reply as soon as possible.



Now what?  Almost done!  Pack your bags!

Once we have confirmed your stay and that we have space for you to stay, you are ready to book your ticket!  That easy!  You give us your flight info and we pick you up at the airport.

We will respond by e-mail withing 24-48 business hours (usually quicker) to your e-mail due to time zone (the person responding may be in the Philippines, the US or in another country).

THANK YOU!  We are looking forward to meeting you in Manila or Tacloban soon!
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