Kids International Ministries is a diverse, ever-growing ministry.  We do a lot of things.  BUT!  We know that we don't do it all.  With this in mind, we are aware that as visitors come from all over the globe to our home(s), you may have more in mind that what we offer.  For example, we always load our cars with medical equipment for each of our feedings in order to tend to  medical needs we see, but we do not offer specific medical care such as dental work, eye exams, anything far exceeding "the basics."  If you want to bring a team from your hospital or clinic, please come!  We will make sure that you have opportunities to care for people in the way you know best!  More examples of turning dreams beyond what we do here at Kids into a reality would be bringing an acting troupe, dance team, or singing group here and us figuring out ways to organize community events where you can display your talents while connecting with the locals in the way you desire, community clean up projects, prison/jail ministry (read story from volunteer below), etc.  The possibilities are endless!

You got dreams of your own?!  If you let us know what it is that you're interested in while staying at Kids International Ministries, we'll try our absolute best to connect you with people that are skilled in the ways that you need and organize a partnership between you both!

Once you take a seat at our table, you're family.  And we take care of family around here. 

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"I was introduced to Kids in the summer of 2017. A minister friend of mine invited my family and myself to be involved with this mission to Kids. Among some of the things he said that convinced us to go was that Kids was wide open for ministry in whatever area God puts on your heart. I don’t know how literal I took that but I was interested to see how God could use me and my family.

Upon arriving, we immediately got involved in the daily feedings and bible studies in the villages, as well as the nightly devotions with the beautiful children. We were able to visit the nurseries where it took everything to keep my wife from adopting a child or two, or three, or four. It was both heart wrenching and heartwarming to see the precious children.

Further in our visit we mentioned to Norman our interest and involvement in jail/prison ministry stateside, and he immediately began making calls to find a connection there. Again, I didn’t know how literal to take my minister friends words that KIM was wide open for whatever type ministry God would put on your heart but at that moment I began taking it a little more literal.

Prison ministry is very dear to me because it was while serving time in prison myself that I found and fell in love with our Lord, therefore I know firsthand how important it is to impart hope in persons serving time. For many inmates, if not all, that period in their lives is a window of sorts, a window for them to come to themselves. In this window much of the drugs alcohol and bad relations are removed so that thinking can be a little clearer. The sad reality is that if they are not reached while the window is open they can very well return to the streets and die in their sins. It’s vital that the Gospel of hope is presented in that window.

My feelings going in was concern that the language barrier would prove to be too much but I soon discovered those concerns unfounded. The majority of the inmates were English speaking. Further English being a second language to them they were forced to pay that much close attention to the words we spoke. We could see they reception on their faces even to the point of tears.

I know they hear the Gospel from the ministries there but I think hearing it from persons who’ve traveled thousands of miles to preach it solidifies the validity of it. Just realizing that Christianity is universal and that they have brothers and sisters all over the world makes the hope that much more real.

Personally for me my life was impacted by the reality that the Gospel is the Gospel wherever you go. In my travels I’ve seen the African tear, the Mexican tear, the Filipino tear and the tears of those in America and I’ve concluded that they are all the same. Praise be to God!"


Pictured: Troy and Tanya Walker preaching in prisons throughout Manila by partnering with a local church, CCF, who is devoted to reaching and serving prisons with the love of God.

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