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We want you to truly understand how much your donation is impacting individual kids.  We will send updates to you about the students you select below 

Thank you for helping our students attend

Cuatro Christian School

NOTE : Your donation is not specified for a particular child.  The children below are part of our communications program where we work with their families and update how they are doing on a regular basis.  These updates can go out to multiple people providing scholarships for students.

Select up to 3 students to receive updates on how they are doing!

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** Due to our child protection policies and all communication will be filtered through the ministry.


Send encouraging notes to your students!

We would also LOVE for you to connect with your students with a personal note.  It is simple to do and makes a huge difference in their lives to know you care about them personally!   To get you started we just sent you **count** email(s) at **email**.  Simply reply to the email and you can start encouraging your student today!
  NOTE : For security reasons your e-mail will need to come from the address you used in your donation (**email**).  Also make sure to include the name of the student in the text.

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