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I am Roxy. Back when I was working in university, I was often mistaken as a student even though I am a professor. Yes, I have to admit, that the few times it happened I felt so flattered, but when it was still happening despite of teaching for a semester.. it is a different story.😅

I couldn't deny the fact that I am missing the classroom and doing life with the students. It is such a joy seeing them thriving; most of them are now working in Manila and overseas. LET US ALL CHANGE THE WORLD !!

However. prior to teaching I was a missionary in Smokey Mountain . I got to travel around the Philippines and in some parts of South East Asia to do short term missions with others missionaries too.


My first taste of it was under a ministry in Tondo. These people became a family until now. By the way the one at the middle is the Ministry Director.

I miss you all!!💕

My favorite spot in Tondo is on top of the mountain. The boy is now five years old and is being taken care of by Kids International Ministries.

Bb. Pilipinas 2016 winners partnered with us for the back to school project! Thankyou ladies!


I was pursuing Masters while doing missions at the same time. Thankyou Abba for the grace in all sense.

We were chosen to represent the Philippines to AFMAM 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The parentals

Do I look like my mom or dad???

When everyone is in the Philippines, we see to it that we travel for Christmas celebration.


I am looking forward to travel every chance I have. This is in Melbourne Australia when I attended a friend's wedding.

Ilocos Norte

With my hiking group somewhere in Rizal

Iba Zambales

I can't wait to travel again. Bring me to places Jesus!

Roxy Calayag

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