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Norman Denler

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Join date: Nov 5, 2017


We live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and have three daughters (Hannah-27, Kaitlyn-25 and Rebekah-21) and 5 grandsons. After a family mission trip to the Philippines in 2009, our family fell in love with the Philippines. At that time our kids wanted to move to the Philippines but we told them that would never happen. Two years later Norman's work was opening an office in the Philippines and our family moved to the Philippines for 3 years to start the office. During that time we volunteered at Kids International Ministries getting very involved in all aspects of the ministry. We moved back to the US in 2014. In March 2017 God move in our hearts and we accepted the board's request to fill the role of Director of Kids International Ministries.

Our 5 grandsons.

Our family vacation in 2017

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