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Join date: Nov 3, 2020


Hi! I'm Myriel, 23 years old. I became part of KIM in 2018 as Student teacher in Cuatro Christian School —Junior High School Department, teaching Values Education. Now, I am currently working as a School Registrar, organizing every documents of the students, doing reports for DepEd, in charge for students' enrolment, and flexibly handling both Elementary and High School files. While this is far from my dream of teaching students, I still love this job because I am involved in the life of both students and parents. I believe that God brought me here for His Greater plans not just for me but also for the entire ministry. I still want to pursue my calling as a teacher but for now, I believe He's still going to use me wherever I am right now in this ministry.

Myriel Tresvalles

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