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Hi there! I'm Mary Ann A. Lirio, 27 years old, youngest in our family of 8. I love traveling, listening and talking to people about life. I came to know our Lord Jesus Christ in December 2013 but had this breakthrough in my life during 2020 as God led me at Kids International Ministries to be part of the Future Filipino Missionary.

I had been working in secular jobs for 6 years including the 4 years in school as a Preschool Teacher. Being in those jobs for years was definitely a security for me but God had changed my life when the pandemic came. Last May, I had a chance to volunteer as a floater and a councilor in an ongoing Stress Camp of YouthLab through my good friend/workmate and from there God just gave me this restlessness heart in doing full-time. Now, I'm handling a new ministry of KIMs, the Internship Program for Filipinos with two young people who are engaged in different ministries.

It wasn't easy to decide and to let go of the things that we are secure in but God showed and taught me that in Him, I shouldn't worry about anything but instead pray about everything. Taking risks and letting go is giving it ALL to God that He can do amazing things in our life we never thought possible.

Mary Ann Lirio

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