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Arnold Diamante

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Join date: Oct 19, 2020


I based and grew up in the Philippines. I have a big family. I have 8 siblings and are names all started with A’s. Arman, Arnold, Archie, Andrei, Alondra, Alexander, Ashley, Alexis, and Apollo.

I love basketball! I love traveling! I love to talk! I love working with young people! I love working in the community!

I grew up in one of the communities near the ministry center. As I grew up, I started to get involved in the ministry such as going to school at Cuatro Christian School from 1st to 7th grade. Being at the school for 7 years helped to develop my character and see a different perspective on how I lived my life right now.

From one of the students at the school, now I am getting on board to be one of the Kids International Ministry missionaries doing community development works. What I do is engaging and connecting with the community that is part of our ministries.

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