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Hi, I'm Aileen Yunzal( principal )Cuatro Christian School . Married to John Paul Yunzal. We have 3 kids named Kyle, Jem and Jaikub .

God is good in my life!

The Lord brought us to Kid's International Ministries in 2009. I was hired to teach at Cuatro Christian School, even though I thought I was through teaching . Amazingly! God gave me a passion for teaching and loving my students.

Seeing them learn not only in academics but offering their lives to Jesus is the happiest thing that ever happened in my teaching journey. I love spending time with my students and helping their parents to know that bringing their kids to CCS is a great opportunity.

God taught me a lot of reasons to live because of these children. Children living in poverty have it very hard. Bringing hope to the families of these little ones is very important . The Lord called me to serve these children whatever it cost.

I don't see myself as a leader but in 2016 I became principal. The Lord has transformed my desires and now, after4 years of mentoring and molding teachers, we are passionate in teaching and serving the Lord through education.

I want God's plan for my life more than my own will always.