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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Dear SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS, WE are officially starting our ministry at Kids International Ministry Philippines! KIM Philippines is a non-profit, non-stock, non-government, religious organization, based in Antipolo Rizal. Its vision is to stop the cycle of poverty in the community through loving, teaching, and serving the community in the Philippines”. KIM started locally in the Y2004. KIM’s activities on the ground are focused on the following: 1. Birthing unwanted pregnancies from abused women 2. Children’s home for kids who are left by the parents after their birth. 3. Elementary and High School for those kids around and near the community.

4. Feeding the poor through church partnership program. After years of KIM’s arduous ministry on the ground, the Lord is leading to obviously open and expand new initiatives.

FAMILY Ministry of which my wife Jean and I will be serving through is one of the new few initiatives by the sitting National Director Norman Denler, seeing that families are under attack due to lack if not failed parental leadership. Family ministry tries to give back to the parents their relinquished responsibilities for their family. We are going to minister family heads how to become responsible parents to their children using the Scripture.

We are working with KIM as a Gift Income missionaries. We need partners to support us financially and prayerfully. Would you please consider in prayer supporting us financially? Any amount that the Lord will leads you to support our work would always be more than enough for you and me to become partners. Why? Because supporting is a matter of the heart. This is a partnership that help people form their families for good-A very essential to nation building! If the Lord is leading you to support us financially, you may give us a call or you can visit and browse the button “Give”, and from there you will be prompt the next thing to do. Our webpage is a donor friendly facility. After sending your support, please do inform me for proper accounting and issuance of Official Receipt. I am glad that at last you know now our current situation through this update. Thank you for considering.

Sincerely in Christ,


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