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Every Friday morning a friend and I do home visits and reach out to the families of the students enrolled at Cuatro Christian School. Two families a week. We ask God which family to visit or which neighborhood to go to and to lead us in this ministry. Sometimes we have the names of the families but we do not know how to get to their houses. No house numbers to go by, no street names, no street at all but just narrow, dirt, muddy and sometimes concrete paths. We rely on the neighborhood people to point us to the right house. As we snake through the neighborhoods I am able to connect myself with the surroundings. Not that I have not been to these neighborhoods the past years but lately I got comfortable doing ministry in my comfortable ministry sites that are only a few minutes walk from each other (school, ministry center, pregnancy clinic, children's home, church and the streets that connect these places). Praise the Lord! He is still working in me, stretching me and taking me beyond the walls of my comfort. Sometimes God will bring people to us to minister to, but more than ever He wants us to go places, outside our comfort and minister to people where they are. He did.

Those visits took us to families that needed to hear that God loves them. God took us to those that needed prayer for healing from sickness. He took us to families who needed encouragement during difficult times. Some needed a reminder that He never left them and that He is close and knows all about their circumstances. One just needed somebody to listen as she shared the grief she was experiencing over losing a loved one. With each family we offered thanksgiving prayers to God through Jesus for His love and all that He's done and will continue to do to show His love for them. The visits also give us better understanding of our students.

I left their homes blessed because God allowed me to see Him at work in the hearts of the families, and in mine.

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