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Too many to count

When our children were young, Frank would sing, “When I have trouble falling asleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep”—a variation on the words of the old Bing Crosby song. In truth, I rarely have problems falling asleep, but I am reminded today of this because I have so many blessings!

After our spending a number of months in the States this year due to some family needs, I wondered if it would be difficult to readjust to the Philippine culture. Sometimes it is frustrating not being able to understand all the Tagalog around me. But God reminded me to be cautious about just focusing on my comfort level and instead look to the work that He has for us to do here in the Philippines. Once that was settled in my heart, there was no fear of returning.

We have been serving God in the Philippines for 10 years now. Upon our return, Frank’s team of workers at Faith Academy were thrilled to have him back. (Although nearly every night and morning in the States we were interacting with our staff in the Philippines. Since they are 14 hours ahead of central time in Kansas, we could continue much of our work over the internet. But of course, the convenience of being here on the ground is a big help.)

Upon my return to Cuatro Christian School where I work, I was reminded of how precious Filipinos are. The teachers, the students, the staff, all made me feel so welcome with “Hi, Ms Kaye!” as I walked through the campus area. Tr. Dicky, our director, and Ms. Tonette, our treasurer, both gladly handed over to me all the paperwork they had been managing for the past seven months. Talk about dear friends, who took on added responsibilities so that I could attend to needs of my family in the States.

Just yesterday, I spoke with one of our school parents who became a Christian through CCS. He shared with his wife, who became a Christian as well. He taught at CCS for a few years and as of this school year is teaching at a public school, where he has led two of his co-workers there to faith in Christ. It is also so encouraging seeing how God is continuing to use him to impact students both at his new school and in the Cuatro neighborhood where he lives. We hated to lose him as a CCS teacher, but he said that God taught him things through working at CCS that has prepared him to be a more effective witness for Christ in his new school. God always leads us in triumph!

Then today, I learned of other good news about a past CCS teacher. This teacher was also a wonderfully gifted teacher whom we hated to lose, but she felt God was directing her elsewhere, and she took a step of faith and resigned her position. As it turns out she has been hired part time by New Faith Family Children’s Home, a fellow KIM ministry, to work with the students there who attend school at CCS. I could not imagine anyone better for that job. I am so happy for her and for the students at NFFCH.

After being back in the Philippines a month, it seems almost as if we never left…except for missing our children and four grandchildren.

Please continue to pray for us that we will hear the Lord’s leading each day, that we would do our work with skill and thanksgiving, and that God will use us to further His Kingdom in people coming to know Him. We would also appreciate your prayers for our loved ones in the States.

We are so thankful for all of you who lift us up in prayer and who make it possible for us to serve God here through your gifts.

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