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The Missionary’s Heart

As partners and fellow worker, we are glad to give you our September to November update of what the Lord is doing even at the onslaught of Covid-19. Starting January 2021, the Lord, through us, reach-out three (3) poor communities for the gospel.

Pennylane Bible Study Group – Community 1 Sixteen (16) individuals mostly mothers plus a few fathers and their children are jampacking

We gave rice and vegetables to Pennylane community in one of our Bible Study Session

in our small fellowship makeshift house owned by a team mate each time we meet. By now, we don’t have enough space, but everyone is enjoying sharing and listening their stories, and together we worship the Lord. Our main desire is, for all of us to know the Lord and be deeply rooted in the word. We are considering in prayer a better place to rent. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide His people a larger space to expand the group!

Parkridge Community (Bicol Group)-Community 2

Parkridge-Bicol Group is very vibrant. We have mixed attendance of around twenty (20)

Our Bible Study Community at Parkridge-Bicol loves the Swimming Pool at KIM

individuals attending each time. It is a mix of fathers and mostly mothers plus the children. This group is so interested learning the word of God.

A teammate has volunteered in helping us to establish this group by way of holding a prayer meeting every Wednesday in homes. A comfortable meeting place also is our deep concern. People in the neighborhood is so responsive of the gospel and we know that by the time the group expands, the house where we are meeting cannot accommodate all of us! Please pray that the Lord will help us on this concern.

Parkridge Community (Ibanag Group)- Community-3 This is the newest group of mothers and few fathers that we reached out for the gospel. It started with few of them who initiatively approached and pleaded with us that we might

Our newest Parridge-Ibanag Group, received Tagalog Version Bibles

include them to have their own group for bible study. We have already met them four times, and we thank God that by his grace we were able to build relationship and rapport. We are amazed at how God touches them that they are so excited at the word of God! They are eager to listen attentively!

More Areas to Win for Christ

There are still areas and villages to be reached- out. More of the people that we encountered are very receptive and obviously they need someone to tell them of the good news of the Kingdom! The absence of other traditional churches in the area is an advantage for the gospel. Looking around, only bible believing churches are present in the area. Jean and I are so excited for 2022. As the pandemic starts to loosen, together with our team, we are praying that the Lord will continue to use us in the harvest.

We thank you so much for standing with us. The Lord has used your financial support tremendously for the work and our family needs. Your prayers for us, keeps us going even in the midst of the pandemic. Did we stop during the onslaught of Covid 19? Yes, when we were infected in May 2021, but after that, we were on our feet for the ministry. We got healed because you have asked God for our behalf and we thank you for that!

Please continue to pray…

1. That the Lord will continue to work in the lives of his people whom we help particularly in Pennylane and Parkridge communities. May they will continue to love the word of God to transform them!

2. That the fathers will come-out and join the meeting. Most of the fathers are hesitant to join on spiritual things, although some are working on Sundays!

3. For the Lord to send more laborers. The harvest is really plentiful, but the workers are few!

4. Pray for a suitable place to rent for meeting, Bible Study, and worship.

5. For the Lord to provide a property of two (2) or three (3) hectares for

livelihood projects, to help the poor communities.

6. Jean and I are going for a beach vacation and soul refreshment in Bohol during Christmas. Please pray for finances to be used. We had not been out for almost four years now because of the busyness and of the pandemic!

Again, we would like to thank you for partnering with us for the sake of the gospel.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance for you and to your love ones!

Sincerely in Christ,

Bobot and Jean Migraso and Family

The Missionary’s Heart is the update news letter

of Bobot & Jean Migraso at Kids International

ministries Inc.,

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