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The Joy of Firsts

Mom and some volunteers give this baby a 'first bath'

Many defining moments in our lives tend to be first experiences. Your first day of school your eyes were opened to a whole new world of knowledge and excitement. Your first time serving in a third world country, your eyes saw extreme poverty and fresh perspective broke forth. Your first time seeing the miracle of birth, your eyes were opened to the intricate details our Heavenly Father designed for our creation. There is an abundance of joy to be found in “firsts”. Here at KIM we strive to celebrate firsts just like anywhere else. It’s powerful to come together as a community and celebrate His goodness. 

First birthdays are a big celebration in the Philippines. Recently Hope Alive Clinic hosted its first ever 1st birthday party for the babies born at the clinic. It was a precious time of fellowship and investing in the families who have delivered here at the clinic. We’re excited to continue this celebration monthly.  Watch the video... so much fun!!!

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First 'play date'

Another recent first for the clinic was its first “play date” attended by about 170 mothers and kids from surrounding communities. Many of these kids were born at and cared for through our Hope Alive Pregnancy Clinic.

Held on the NFFCH grounds, it was an incredible time together with lots of playing, laughter and great conversations—and it was an amazing opportunity for some visiting teams to see on a larger scale the impact of our clinic.

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