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Taste and see the goodness of God.

It’s been five months since God started working in my community. God never failed me, I started working with 5 young people in the community doing a fellowship in my family house.

Day by day, we increased, and right now by God's grace. He multiplies the number of young people into 70. YES! 70 young people! AMAZING how God increased us. Good thing, because we are not just increased by the quantities, also we increased by quality in our spiritual,

physical, social, and intellectual.

Currently, those young people are involved in the ministries that God is doing in the community. They are doing Children’s, Sports, Performing Arts, and life coaching ministry. These ministries are happening every day in the community led by the youths.

Praying and believing by doing these things, will results in revival and transformation in the lives of individuals, families, and community to bring them to move forward toward God’s intentions.

God is faithful, in the last five months we've tasted and seen the goodness of God by working in the community through the lives of young people.

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