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Ministering the Ministers

Never in our past ministry involvements that I see Jean (my wife) as happy as this one. Jean is a natural people person. The more people around, the more energize she is! The more people to minister to, the more challenged she is to give herself to the service of God!

Serving with her is a friend of less than a year. A good friend and a great sister in the Lord-Betta Silverio.

Who would have known that at this point of our lives the Lord would give Jean a friend as good and kind as Betta? Who would have known that at this point of our lives Jean can minister many pastors' wives as in the picture? Most of them are older than her.

It is a privilege. serving the Lord by ministering hundreds of pastors and pastors wife. This one is not one of our expectations! Truly it is the Lord who brought us here at KIDS International Ministries, Philippines. We were looking at retiring and going back to the province for good, but the Lord shows us that there is more life in the vineyard of God than retirement.

Jean flashes a smile that is filled with much joy and thankfulness to God!

Last January we had this Pastor's Summit that was held here at Kids International Ministries, Philippines. Invited are Pastors and their wives. These ministers are our partners in feeding the community where their churches are located. From time to time we call on them to give them rest and recreation here in our facility with free food and accommodation for a day and a night specially in this time of Pandemic. This rest and recreation can make them appreciate the work that they are doing.

The number of pastors and churches joining on this partnership is growing and as a result new 66 churches are being planted!

As Jean and I are ministering to the pastors and the wives, you also are! We thank you for partnering with us! Without your support, Jean and I cannot stand in front of this multitude! Continue to pray for us! Pray that more friends and partners will join us on the ministry God had given us. Pray too that the Lord will continue to spare us and our family from any sickness as we still are in the Pandemic period!

Thank you again!


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