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Sweet Baby Jane

During the feeding at Tent City today I had a few moments to just roam through the neighborhood. I passed a young girl sweeping outside her house. We both stopped and stared...we knew each other.

Four or Five years ago there was a very small child who had a badly broken leg. The break had occurred a couple of weeks before we found her. Our nurses and social workers worked with her and her family to get the leg (femur) repaired through surgery and casts.

Today she was walking and running with no visible limp. I spent several minutes watching from a distance and then approaching her father. We talked about the past and then she allowed me to take a picture with her.

Our ministry is one where immediate results are not often seen. I refer to it as a generational ministry. Well, today I was reminded of being part of the physical healing of Baby Jane, five years ago. She is now 9 years old. I can only hope there was eternal healing that took place during all of her, and her family's, interaction with us years ago.

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