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Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever. (Psalm 136:26)

We give thanks to God that even in the current crisis that remains a buzzword around us, the Lord has remained consistent in moving His(us) people to minister His people (the community). For the Lord, it is “Business as usual”. The Lord has continued to seek the lost notwithstanding of difficult circumstances. His love is unchanging and endures forever.

We are now on our fourth month in the new ministry that we are in- KIDS International Ministry. We could hardly notice the passing days because we enjoy doing the ministry that the Lord is giving us to do. He gives so much joy in our heart

Jean and I are overwhelmed, We are amazed. Never in our life and ministry that we are swarmed with sweet people who are hungry for the word of God. They listened with an open heart and mind and wanted to hear some more.

The harvest is truly plentiful and the workers are few. Teaming up with other leaders in the organization (Youth Leaders) and fellow pastors, helps a lot, but still the need is enormous! It is overwhelming!

Please come, see, and observe what the Lord is doing in our midst. We can have you lead a group for discussion or ministering to the kids of more than forty!-A real picture of what a community is!

Your financial support helps us a lot in making every fellowship successful and we thank you for that. The kids love to eat the spaghetti so much as we serve them their craved food. We want to tell you that not a single centavo is wasted in ministering God’s people.

The community fellowship will happen twice each month. If ever you are interested to have a feel and see of what the Lord is doing, please give us a call. I love to have you stand side by side with us to see things that are happening because we are partner in the ministry that the Lord has laid in our hearts! Visit us also at where you can browse our website and know more about Kids International Ministry Philippines.

Sincerely in Christ,


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