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Something to celebrate!

Not too long ago I started meeting with a group of boys after school. Our first meeting was attended by 4 boys. With some announcements, invitations and news spreading, the group got bigger. I have no idea what I was doing and even questioned myself about venturing in this ministry. What am I thinking? What have I gotten myself into! They are rowdy, full of energy, always hungry, can't sit still and loud sometimes!

Snacks pacify them and I get their attention pretty good while they're eating. That's the time we talk about their day or their week and each one share about something/s they are thankful for. I then follow that with a short Bible study. They usually ask a lot of questions which help the discussion going. They are so curious and not hesitant to ask. Prayer time is short and direct. Thank yous and please! Amen!

Game time is something they all look forward to. I am so thankful that we have a swimming pool at our ministry center. Giving them 30 minutes of swimming lets them spend some of the energy they have. We do other games but swimming is always the choice. I then become a lifeguard for that duration.

So what's to celebrate? Well last Tuesday some of the boys from the Bible study group accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! I was surprised and overjoyed! Here I was questioning everything about this ministry and THEN GOD answered. So I will continue, humbled and encouraged but still need your prayers.

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