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Prayer Requests - 2018 Q4

Thanks for checking in to our prayer requests! Always feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns!

Prayer Requests:

  • That our marriage and family would be healthy, with our focus on Christ and His will for us

  • Health and protection for our family as we do life in Manila, Philippines

  • The kids as they continue life here in Manila and at Faith Academy; friendships, studies and life in general for 3rd culture kids.

  • Josh posted on facebook that he had knee surgery in August to repair his Meniscus. He is still working through rehab, but pray that God continues to bring healing and strength so he can get back into the playing role for sports ministry teams in addition to getting more exercise in general.

  • There are a handful of ministry teams evaluating the possibility of partnering with us and Buhay Sports over the next year. Please pray that God will give clear direction and provide funds for these short term teams.

  • Kids IM has purchased land and is beginning work on a new school building to help us educate even more than the 600 students we have. Pray that God provides the finances and the ministry teams to help us build the school and educate more kids as we seek toto help break the cycle of poverty in the Cuatro Community.

  • Our support is still a bit low. We are averaging about $3500/ month, with a recommended goal of $5,000. This is not a point of anxiety or fear, but we are mindful of our status and need to make sure we are on top of things and in good financial standing with our mission requirements. Thanks for praying with us and trusting with us that God will provide as He always has!

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