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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The Missionary’s Heart

An UPDATE of the Migrasos /September 15, 2020

When we officially landed at Kids International Ministry in August, the Lord showed His faithfulness to us again by providing us new couple friend. Rev Art Ornias is a church minister for 3 long decades with his lovely and supportive wife Joy Bacho Ornias. Like us, they have three kids. They are AJ, Jammes and Janna. Art and I are almost on the same experience with the Lord’s in our lives. After a few meetings together, we see that the Lord have meet us to colabor for Him.

We frequently talk and shared many things. He is burdened for the more than 200 pastors working with him on how to help them survive in this time of pandemic. Rev Art is a pulpit minister but choose to do facilitating feeding program among the churches.

As the Pandemic continues, there were two needs that Rev. Art saw for the pastors that are working with him. They were urgent:

They need to listen and learn lesson about families, and lesson on How to Raise their FUNDS to survive long-term in the ministry.

Last August 28-29, Jean and I trained Forty (40) pastors on FUNDRAISING. In the same day, we talked about “How Men and Women Brains are Wired”.

Jean and I have fun. Baby Jeanill, our youngest is with us and schooling from home. Dayday too is working from home. Leo, working in Quezon City would sometimes come home and enjoys for a day with us!

We enjoy the ministry as well as our family despite the ministry is starting to be busy. Despite of the Covid 19, the Lord showed His mighty power. He leads us, and He protects us.

We have struggles, but like the journey of the apostles with Jesus when they were on the boat, (Matt.8:22-23), we are assured to reach to the “other side of the lake.” Jesus is with us. Even though He is sleeping at the stern, He knows what we have been through.

We thank you for supporting us financially and prayerfully.

Sincerely In Christ,


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