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Leaving, Leaping and Leading

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The Camitans

We met when we both worked as Social Workers handling local and inter country adoptions. Dess pursued Rosalinda and on May 10, 2015, we got married. We were blessed with a loving, bubbly and smart son, Enoch Zoey. 

Our family loves traveling, hiking, spending time families, swimming and eating :)

“We experienced God’s goodness in our married life upon giving birth to Enoch. Few days after Enoch was born, he had seizures. As a result, he had to stay at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a month. He was suspected to have Meningitis, Sepsis, and Pneumonia. Early on, we dedicated Enoch to our creator and accepted that he is a gift and he was lend to us, we ought to take good care of him. Several days sleeping at the hospital floor helped us realized how challenging it is to become a parent. At the same time, a rewarding privilege. We then decided to surrender our lives as a family to serve God and do work for His ministry to be His hands and feet in serving the less privileged. We will obey and follow His leading in our lives. Glory to God! Enoch grew up to become a strong boy. He is now studying as PreK at Faith Academy. We declare that he will be obedient and dedicated to God. Enoch will know and will be faithful to Him all his life.” 


On June 2011, Dess started working at New Faith as a social worker and helped start ministries in Cagayan De Oro and Tacloban City. Dess lead a 10-day missions work at Hong Kong that KIDS initiated. The goal is to share the gospel to the overseas Filipino Workers. Dess is also one of the first responders after typhoon Yolanda hit Tacbloban that KIDS set up, now known as the “Lighthouse”. 


Rosalinda grew up in an orphanage where she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at the age of 12. All her life, the Lord has been faithful, constant and gracious to her. She finished Bachelor of Science Major in Social Work at the Centro Escolar University. She took her Master’s Degree for Social Work specializing for children and family at the Asian Seminary for Christian Ministries. She worked as an adoption social worker and liaison officer for inter-country adoption 2010 - 2015. Presently, Rosalinda serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Consider The Lily Foundation Philippines. She is also serving as a Social Worker to Agape Impact Ministries.

“ among all my roles and responsibilities my most favorite is being a mother. I believe that raising Enoch and the girls and guiding them in knowing JESUS is what I am most passionate about” Rosalinda

“Presently, we are are living together with 7 teenage girls from the children’s home through the Life Skills Mentorship Program (LSMP). LSMP is an after care service for the older children who already aged out for adoption and they do not have families that they can return to. This program aims to prepare them to face life’s opportunities and challenges outside the children’s home. We serve as their mentors and guardians with the hope that they will have a sense of belongingness and family that they can call their own. 

We are so grateful for this opportunity to impact the lives of the next generation for Jesus.

We when we heard the missionary status, we talked about it and both of us have peace. This is the opportunity that we prayed and declared to God. We are blessed to become missionaries of KIDS. 

LEAVING - moving out from a guaranteed income to trusting God with our finances.

LEAPING - holding on and claiming God's promises in our lives

LEADING - Our prayer and dedication is for us to be used by God to lead the next generation by empowering them to become multigenerational leaders.

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