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I serve; Because He serves.

They say that the Lord already knows our prayers way before we say it - and during the time that I needed something the most, I did not know that my single message asking for help would lead me to God's next 3 years worth of plan in making me feel his redemption, or even have the opportunity to become someone who could extend help towards others too.

I am Abby Salicio, 33 years old, and I have been serving as an office staff for 3 years now and am currently arranging all the accommodation concerns in the Kids International Ministries Headquarters in the Philippines.

Being able to interact and assist people in the ministry center is my way to work and serve for the Lord and at the same time helped me seek Him as I experience and share his love, faithfulness, and gift of salvation through others.

Ever since my youth, I have been involved in all kinds of church activities due to the involvement of my Christian grandmother. However it was just until December 2016 that I was involved with Kids as they helped me who was then a recipient of the Adonai Progam* that aimed to aid pregnant mothers then. Recently, my passion for the Lord reignited much more – I realized that my work for this ministry is something that I do not treat as a work that tires me, but a vocation that I do with so much passion as this is my way of giving back and showing my love and thankfulness towards God.

God made a tremendous turn in my life as he blessed me with the joy of my son Elijah. He is currently 3 years old, a very sweet boy who loves to sing and dance for the Lord, make friends with people, animals, and especially insects. He is a child who I pray to walk in the ways of the Lord, as he is very lovable and socially active – who just simply loves and becomes friends with anyone he encounters in the KIM Headquarters.

Currently, I live in the YMC Center (KIM Headquarters) with my son, so if you want to know more about us, you may visit and meet us in the YMC center, or just contact me through the following channels below. I hope that I could get to know you, pray for you, and share to you the love and grace that God has given us.

Serve the Lord with gladness;

Come before Him with joyful singing

Psalm 100:2

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