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"I have something to tell you."

It's been 3 weeks now since we got back from spending our summer in the U.S. I was so ready to continue the work I had been doing before we left. The one that I was most excited about continuing was my meetings with several groups of girls. I've grown to love my work with them, watching them grow in their knowledge of the Lord, and giving them a safer environment to share their struggles and victories in life. Sometimes our get together just means providing a place and materials for them to work on school projects while we talk about their day at school and home. We usually end our meetings with praying together and for each other.

In one of these meetings one of the girls said "Miss, I have something to tell you." I have learned that this sentence can mean many things. It can be about just a simple girl matter. It can be big and complicated. It can be something you don't want to hear or are afraid to hear or it can be something to celebrate. I am just thankful to God for the opportunities He gives me to be there and listen when one of them has something to tell me, and that they feel comfortable and brave enough to talk to me about what concerns them. She began to tell and I listened. It was something I was afraid to hear, but I was thankful it was shared.

That afternoon I knew God was letting the girl know that He loves her and cares for her. He knows the way, time, place and people to provide care and safety for her. Our mission is to love these kids, to provide a place where they will be safe and feel safe. Through God's wisdom, guidance and provision, Kids International Ministries did just that for this girl. Praise Him for His goodness!

Please take time to listen to the children that God brings in your lives. You never know when they will need you to be there when they say "I have something to tell you."

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