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I have a question...

I hear the question all the time... With the groundbreaking for CCS complete, What's next? My mind jumps into high gear… Create plans, excavate, fence property, build foundation, build classrooms, fit-out, start 11th grade…’ oops, I forgot one small detail. How do we pay for it all? God has been working in me over this last year and I have come to believe I over complicate things. The ONLY question I should really be asking is ‘Do I truly believe that God is the one who is doing this?’ If the answer is yes, then my response to the ‘what’s next?’ question should be simple.

God impressed something on me this morning... Since it is obvious that God is driving this project at CCS, start acting as if what is not yet WILL actually happen. Don't stress over the details, just move forward. God has had me in His 'School of Finance' over this last year and His lesson plan for me has been overwhelming. I believe that He has been doing this for a time like this... so He can build Cuatro Christian School. Note: He is building it... not us.

This last year and a half at KIDS International Ministries has been amazing in many ways, but it really has stretched my ability to truly trust God. I would love to have had enough monthly support coming in to pay for day-to-day operations… but we didn't. I think I needed to learn to depend on Him. Many times, I would doubt Him and wonder if we would be able to meet payroll for the next month. In the end, He was faithful and provided in ways I would have never expected and, in fact, provided more than what we needed. Today in many ways is no different. In these next few months, we do not have many teams and we still do not have enough monthly funding coming in to cover operational costs. How will we pay payroll? What about paying the 13th month government required bonus in December? The needs are the same however I feel very different now. I now have experienced Gods faithfulness in the past and I know he will continue to be faithful and provide what we need. I still panic a bit when large unexpected expenses come in at the ministry but deep down I can let it go and trust Him.

God has made his intention of building a school obvious in so many ways over the last 9 months. This has been a consistent prayer for over 5 years for Teacher Dicky, Pastor Aranas and others. In addition, nine months ago, God did something I NEVER expected… He miraculously provided $340,000 in less than 2 months to purchase the land! He continues to amaze me in how is coordinating so many things and in fact yesterday we met with a high end design firm and they agreed to create initial plans... for free! Amazing!

So, what is next? Let me now answer that question with a simple answer. CCS is announcing that 11th grade will meet next year in a new building. Simple as that! That is acting as if what is not yet WILL actually happen… Faith.

People ask another question. What about the funding for construction? Details, details, details…

‘Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…’ (Eph 3:20a).

The only question is if we really believe that verse! Please join with us in praying for God provision over the next year to build phase 1 of Cuatro Christian High School!

Norman Denler

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