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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A movement started by God during PANDEMIC season

Our Vision:

WE see Jesus Christ in every home and family.

Our Mission:

We work together as a team and as an organization to bring and give back the relinquished parental responsibility to parents and family heads in the target communities thru godly principle, godly influence and life to life engagement.

We believe that;

God made the family as his own institution.

God in the beginning created a godly leader and parent for the family.

God chose the family to serve as the cradle for personhood.

God designed the family as the crucible in which the reality of the person

of the living God is to be both taught and caught.

There is no perfect family, as its people living in it are not perfect.

The family, is restorable , though it is fragile and vulnerable to destruction.

The family can be a place of redemption for everyone living in it.

The family as the smallest unit of the society but a mirror of a nation.

The Kids International Ministries (KIM) FAMILY MINISTRY CORE TEAM

DESS and Rosalinda Camitan ARVIN and Leah Barros BIBOY and Gielyne Aguda ABBY Salicio DONNA Wolfe RONA Soria MARK and Joy Lumbay BOBOT and Jean Migraso


The team will carry out the burden of reaching out the family. We commit to training, meeting and understanding each other for the sake of the gospel. The team come at different ages and status to meet the varying needs of the community. Dess and Rosalinda are in their late 30's, Arvin and Leah in the mid 50's, Biboy and Gielyne in their late 20's, Donna, a widower is on her best stage, Rona in her 40's, Mark and Joy at mid 30's, Jean at mid 50's, Bobot at 60, and Norman in her mid 50's. The core meets every week to discuss and develop oneness as we plan doing the ministry.

What We DID Last Year:

Despite of the PANDEMIC, we called for fellowship a couple of times from the middle of the year last year but only the mothers have joined. For some valid and some unknown reasons the fathers didn’t joined. In this particular community where people are bit marginalized, males are working including Sundays just to earn a living! It is PANDEMIC season, but they try to find a living elsewhere either is it a temporary or a short contracted job.

This scenario is giving us a signal of a very challenging task ahead. Bringing the husbands to the fellowship will give way for the gospel into their hearts en route to winning the FAMILY. This needs much prayers! Let's faithfully ask God for this...


The Lord lead us to minister to the office staff, the young leaders, and the teachers! We are looking at them become dynamic people for the gospel. They can rise themselves from where they are and help equip our young leaders too!

FUTURE KIM Young Missionaries

We also do coaching on Future Young Missionaries(mostly teachers), about raising their support . Jean and I go around in a week for different schedules to teach each group about FUNDRAISING!

During PANDEMIC, around 18 KIM employees responded to the call of transitioning their job to missionary work. BOBOT and Jean, the wife extends themselves of training and coaching them on how to raise their support.

We also share more time in doing Bible studies to the mainstays and young missionary staff to strengthen and equipped them more in doing the ministry.


Giving a pre-marital counseling to the staff and worker of Kids International. We give attention specially to those cohabiting couples, helping them to become legit husband and wife.

Looking Forward

1. CORE Leaders Retreat, Feb 14-15, 2021

2. Couples retreat (Kids Staff Couples), March 19-21, 2021

Hope Alive Clinic-First Birthday Party (Monthly)

Counseling and Mass Wedding for Cohabited couples

3. Parenting Seminar, May 2021

4. Pornography Seminar, June 2021

Most Challenging as of the moment: Reaching out to the husbands

The Vision of FAMILY Ministry is to practically rebuild a better Philippines. To a country ravaged by poverty and greed, Fathers and Mothers have gone elsewhere in the world to find “green pasture” and better living, leaving their families in vulnerable situation. OFW became a phenomenon. It seem that instead of looking for betterment, the Philippines is multiplying the same problem each year. The children turn to drugs, alcoholism, pornography, rising of incest, and teen-age pregnancy and the likes...It is on this aspect that the Family Ministry would try to help in the hope that we can do some intervention by the grace of God!

We would like to invite you to join us in partnership in doing the vision that the Lord has given us! Please consider in your prayers supporting us monthly. Any amount BIG or SMALL as long as coming from the heart, that will represent God’s confirmation for this ministry! How can we pray for you?

Sincerely in Christ,

- Bobot and Jean Migraso

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Family is the only thing you and I have...we don't have wealth, we don't have vast property, but family!


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