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Hello Friend how are you doing?

As we all know that the year 2020 has been affected all of us by the Pandemic. But the story does not stop from there, there are so many GREAT things still that happened for the year 2020.

I wanted to write this update to you and I wanted to bring encouragement and be a blessing for you. God is faithful and He is always going to be. I wanted to share some highlights of what God has been done in the whole of 2020.

Last January 2020, I got privileged to come abroad to Bali, Indonesia, and take 6 months course at the University of the Nation doing Humanities and International Study. Staying and studying abroad was very intense. I couldn’t believe that I can make it to the end of the course. I was there from the beginning of 2020 until the lockdown happened last April. During my lockdown in Bali, I was able to contribute and a chance to work with some big projects of the schools. Being lockdown in Bali, helped me to figure out what I wanted to do when I got me back, and with the helped of close friends and the guidance from above I was able to come up with the idea of doing something in the community

Last, June 10, 2020, I was able to come back to the Philippines with the helped of the Philippine government. Stayed in quarantine for 48 hours and got a negative result of my swab test. June 12, 2020, I am reunited with my family and friends! After 2 weeks of rest, meetings, and transitioning. I can work with the vision that God gave me to the community.


Community Youth Development.

working as productive and contributing adult to the ministries. We started meeting every night doing fellowship and talked about life. As we come and meet every day we also prayed that God will multiply us. After multiple meetings, God multiplies us into 70 youths, and those youth are involved with every program that we device last couple of months ago.

here are some photos .

Family Ministry

July 4, 2020, we have our first meeting with the families attended by 21 moms by God’s grace. With the helped of nanay and tatay Migraso, we can build a relationship with those parents and we are so excited for more. So far we have had 4 meetings with the parents. We are am excited about more meetings as we come to 2021.

Change Maker Youth Development

August 12, 2020, I had a meeting with the youths who are passionate and used their full potential in ministering in the lives of people in the community. 37 youths are currently involved in the projects that we have in the community. I am proud of all of them as they let God used them and their talents for the people inside and outside of the community. Currently, those 37 people age 13-22 are involved in Youth Lab, Youth Lab kids, Sports, Performing Art, School in a Box, and life coaching.

Let the Little Children Come to Jesus. (School in a Box)

September 2, 2020, we started ministering with children in the community by helping them with their school modular. With the helped of 27 youth in the community, we can guide 80 children in grades 1-6 with their modular study. We also wanted to acknowledge Cuatro Christian School Elem. Dept. teacher and to Mrs. Donna Wolf who guided the volunteers on how to handle the children right. We are excited to move forward and help out more children in 2021.

Sports Ministry (Ignite Football Club)

October 1, 2020, we launch our first Sports Ministry in the community who is led by the community coaches. This soccer ministry is running twice a week Monday and Wednesday we are conducting free soccer training for 40 children around the community. We are excited to move forward to expand and reach our children. Praying believing that our players can join the local soccer league next 2021.

Ignite Volley Ball Club

November 17, 2020 launch the volleyball in the community who are led by the community coached. These Volleyball ministry is running twice a week Tuesday- Thursday. We are conducting free volleyball training for 25 youth from a different community. We are excited to move forward and spike for Jesus.