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Do you want to leave a legacy with me?

Let me bring you to my journey of faith, love and hope.

I was called to do a fulltime missionary in Smokey Mountain Balut Tondo Manila from 2014-2017. Back then I was serving under Iris Philippines but later on pioneered a Social Mobilization Campaign called EDUK-aksyon. The advocacy of the organization is to provide education for less privileged youths in the area. While I was ministering to them, I was doing my Master in Development Communication at University of the Philippines. From the SocMob campaign, my ministry (later on named Building Bridge Ministries) gave birth to partnership with different ministries such as Women at the Well (for the rescued women from sex industry) and Ezer school of Naujan (education for Mangyan Tribe in Mindoro).

After three years of sowing into the ministry, God had called me to a different location to be a full-time professor in University of Makati, Jose Rizal University and Adamson University. I have stayed in academe for about three years until I got an offer to teach in Shanghai China and was supposed to leave last February. However, due to COVID pandemic, my visa was put on hold and was told that it will be processed but the time is unknown. Indeed a detour...

With that delay, I have months of contemplation about what shall I do now? where will I go? where am I supposed to be? How can I be of help? These are the questions that God has answered two weeks ago.

I was introduced to Kids International Ministries that runs four main ministries like children’s home- an orphanage, birthing clinic, school and community outreaches, that all cater to less privileged communities situated in Cainta Rizal. To get the feel of each ministries and help me decide which one I feel like called to, I decided to live at the mission house together with other missionaries. My heart found a sweet spot for the school. It excites my heart to witness what God will do through my YES to the calling. As I live with other missionaries in Kids International Ministries, my heart finds delight in mentoring younger missionaries. When asked what made me say YES to this, my answer is simple. Between legacy and financial freedom, I choose LEGACY. Do you want to leave a legacy with me?

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