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Community Girls

For quite some time now I have been meeting with a group of girls, ages 7-14 from the community. Recently more older girls are joining the group. These girls attend public schools and they often hang around in front of KIM ministry center. A lot of short term and visiting volunteers get to know these girls during their time at KIM and it's great! So thankful for the time they've spent playing, swimming, talking to them and befriending these girls. Consistency is where I am coming in. I make sure that the ministry with them continues even after their new friends are gone. Every Saturday at 3pm we have Fun (swimming or playing games), Food and Fellowship (thanksgiving and praise time, a short Bible talk and prayer time). My time with them is exhausting yet rewarding. They remember the Bible stories from the previous meetings even though there is no talk about it in their schools or at home. My prayer is that one day, as they grow in their knowledge of Jesus' love for them that they will accept Him as their Lord and Savior and that they will love Him with all their hearts and soul.

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